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"I did the ground-breaking course, Empaths Self Mastery with Heidi. Empaths Self-Mastery, helped me to establish my healthy boundaries, that I was struggling with before, raise my personal standards, and turn my sensitivity into one of my biggest strengths, that I can now benefit from in all areas of my life: Health, Relationships, Career and Wealth."

Petra Pridalova

Join My Empath Tribe, your sensitive sanctuary, On a Monthly Or yearly Basis, and Discover Ways To Manage The Stress And Strain Of Being Highly Sensitive.

My Empath Tribe is a place where you can just be you, and at the same time, deepen your understanding of what being Highly Sensitive really means.

Think of it like being wrapped in a warm blanket, or drinking a delicious cup of tea.

It just feels good for the soul! 

And That's exactly what Empaths, Sensitives, and Highly Sensitive People need right now!

Love, Support and Acceptance!

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You will find $1000's Worth of value for a very low monthly price.

You can Cancel at any time.

Some of the courses Included in your membership

Reward Your Sensitivity

Boot Camp For Empaths & HSP was created to celebrate and strengthen your sensitive nature to live a full and rewarding life. Don't let the name fool you, this course is Gentle

Deepen Your Self Mastery

The Empaths Self Mastery Program is designed to help you deepen your self mastery with your body, mind & emotions. You will be in Charge of them, not the other way around!

Love Your Sensitive Body

My Body Is Perfect - Body Acceptance For HSP is a guide to help you learn to love and accept your Sensitive body for what it is...AMAZING!


You will have a whole line of e-courses that you will receive throughout your membership for Increased Health and Well-Being and life guidance.

Here is Just a taste Of what you will discover in
My Empath Tribe...

Join My Empath Tribe For Only


You will find $1000's Worth of value for a very low monthly price.

You can Cancel at any time.


"Up until the age of 46 I struggled on a daily basis with depression and anxiety and a complete lack of understanding of self. I felt different and didn’t know where or how I could fit into modern society. The most difficult part was I could not understand why I felt this way, and no one else could provide me with any answers. Would I ever understand myself or find a way to live a relatively “normal” life? I cannot explain the huge sense of relief after hearing Heidi describe what it felt like to be an Empath. This was the turning point in my life. Finally I met someone who understood me! I attended that first talk with my best friend. We both laughed with relief and at the end of the talk, my friend stated with great excitement, “Now I understand you’re not crazy, you are an Empath!” 

Sandra Tulich 

About Your Mentor

Heidi is the founder of The International Institute of Advanced Intuition,
and is passionate about supporting Sensitives in any way she can! Heidi is dedicated to creating easy to understand, constructive, practical and useful ways in which you can unfold your sensitive nature.  Being Sensitive means something different to everyone. You may be introverted, extroverted, use the term 'Empath' or 'Highly Sensitive Person', or just simply know deep down in your bones, that you are different to most. Regardless of your past experience, I assure you that I can add a richness, a gentleness, and an openness, regarding being Sensitive. I have helped empower thousands of Sensitives, and I look forward to helping you too! 

“I am overjoyed you are here!  We can now fully celebrate your sensitive nature and create a life of joy, abundance and peace... together!”

Three Main Ways You Will Be Supported as an Empath and HSP in My Empath Tribe

Dozens of video and audio lessons, workbooks, quizzes, handouts, practical exercises and life strategies in over 10 e-courses.

E-Books, podcasts, audio meditations, interviews, downloadable handouts, and so much more!

If you choose, you may like to connect and share your journey with other Sensitives, but this is purely optional.


"This has literally saved me, I really wish I had access to such a comprehensive guide when I was much younger. To finally feel like I have the tools available to handle my “sensitivities”, rather than struggling day in and day out and wondering what is wrong with me, to understanding how special my gifts actually are. To know how to nourish, protect and ground myself on a daily basis has made my life a richer experience. To feel centred and more connected, instead of anxious and out of control. There are so many “a-ha!” moments throughout the whole experience, you’ll wish you had found it much earlier."

Lee Irwin

Join My Empath Tribe For Only


You will find $1000's Worth of value for a very low monthly price.

You can Cancel at any time.

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