Internal Or External Guidance? Do You Know the Difference?

There is a common misconception around intuition these days. A lot of people believe, or think, that their intuition stems from something outside of themselves and that this intuition can only be accessed through practices such as meditation, trance or prayer. Of course, we have all heard of the stories that make reference to angels or guides assisting people in their moment of need, these beings giving direction, guidance and clarity to the big questions and sometimes, even saving lives. We hear of people using their guidance for many things, from finding their keys to finding the love of their life. We pray, we ask for help, and we listen to the guidance that comes from outside of ourselves, believing that what we are receiving from the external has authority, wisdom and power.

When a professional psychic uses their ability, they receive impressions from other people, beings and other forms of consciousness to gather information on behalf of their clients. Sometimes, amazing and profound insights can be received which bring healing and insight to the client. This information may be received through a vision, a smell, a feeling, words or sound. A psychic receives information from outside of themselves and they then translate and share this in whatever way they believe is relevant. My question is this, though. Why necessarily, does another person, being, soul or consciousness know more about you, than you do? Why would another life form possess authority over your life and the choices you make?

After reading for thousands of clients I have become very aware of the temptation to diminish the responsibility for ourselves, and our own power, and externalize it.

Imagine you have a very difficult decision to make about a relationship that you are in. Rather than looking within, to your intuitive intelligence, you ask others about what you should do. Imagine phoning your mum and asking her what she thinks you should do about this relationship. Should you stay or go? More than likely, your mother’s response will be one of love and support and she will offer her advice and opinions from this place. Your mother will also likely, have an underlying agenda, however, within the advice she offers you. Perhaps, she’s always wanted grandchildren and thinks her time is running out, so she encourages you to stay. Maybe she doesn’t like your partner or what they do for a living, so she encourages you to go. It doesn’t matter what the agenda is, we all have a reason for what we say and do and how we communicate to others; even if it is as simple as wanting another person to be ‘happy’. This can underlie the guidance offered and lead us down a path that may not be for our highest good. 

Extending this further, how often do we make our own decisions based upon the lies we tell ourselves? We often look for someone to blame for our lives not running the way we want, or we look to others to fix our lives for us. This is a culturally accepted way of not taking responsibility for who we are, but deeper than that, it is a reflection of our disconnection in our relationship with our-self. It seems to be a vicious circle.

The relationship with self is the most fundamental of relationships and is what all other relationships are based upon. If there is not a solid relationship with self, then how can we create strong relationships with others and with the other aspects of our lives? Building and growing this self-connection is a way to truly know who you are and to know your true essence, your heart, intimately.

From this place, anything is possible. From this place, you have access to your higher self; the highest expression of your soul force and Spirit in the physical world, and you will be able to discern the inner-guidance received. This aspect of you does not contain an agenda and holds no judgment and this is precisely the place where your heart-centered intuition occurs. Your heart-centered intuition will guide you to the best place, in the best way, with the best people and in the manner that is perfect for you.

This will give you back the power of you.

Remember, you are your own God, Goddess, and Angel and Guide all rolled into one beautiful, heart centered human package.

You are your own higher self and your own teacher.

You are your own star, galaxy and universe.