Being Highly Sensitive In A Violent World

If you identify yourself as being a highly sensitive person (HSP) or an Empath, then the current energetic climate is probably pretty terrible for you. What you may experience is a growing sense of impending…well, that something really, really bad is about to happen. You probably cant quite put your finger on why you feel the way you do, and may have thought more than once, ‘am I going crazy?’ or ‘what the hell is wrong with me?’

There may be a build up of feelings, dreams, emotions, negative thoughts and physical pain that you can’t find the cause of, or find any lasting relief from. That is until the global s**t hits the fan, and you wake up the next day.

After the horrific tragedies that have been occurring around the world, you might open your eyes the next morning feeling a sense of something like relief…that is until you switch on a television, your computer, or the radio. You are then exposed to the full energetic brunt of the psychic and emotional horror that is created by the mass murder of innocent people, or the threat of such. If you are like me, then that causes a whole new type of challenge and emotion, namely guilt and shame for feeling a level of internal energetic relief after such terrible events have taken place. From an Empath’s perspective, please let me explain what is going on.

As an Empath you will be finely tuned into the collective consciousness of the planet. Yes that’s right, the planet. And what that means is that each time there is about to be a major shift or an epic tragedy, your super-senses are already letting you know that there is something afoot. This is then reflected in your own life experiences, namely your own internalised pain and suffering. Cast your mind back over the last week and check in with how you were feeling and thinking. Was it a variation of an instinctive response, flight, fight or freeze? What did you do to relieve this tension and energetic build up? Did you ‘drop your bundle’ at work? Did you scream at your children for no apparent reason? Did you project all of your anxiety at those you love the most? Were you at any point so overwhelmed that you became paralysed and unable to make any type of choice or action? Did you just want to spend a couple of days in bed until it all went away? Did you cry…more than usual, not knowing why?

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. Empaths and HSP feel the collective build up on a global scale of, well, let’s call a spade a spade, the evil, that is plotting, scheming and planning to cause harm, along with the potential future outcome of that intention. We unconsciously tune into the impending doom, and then internalise this feeling as if it is our own. This then leads to confusion, anxiety, and depression and in some cases a desire to withdraw even more. We are feeling the pain before it is expressed physically in the world, i.e. before the killing, or trauma starts. Then when the event has been played out, we feel a sense of internal energetic reprieve.

Unfortunately this sense of respite opens us up to the next experience, which is our feeling of grief and deep sadness for what has taken place, and the lives that have been lost. We stand confused and mystified at how any human being can possibly do that to another human being. We just don’t get it, and we struggle with the reality of it, to the core of who we are.

The good news is this. You as an Empath are here to help shift the planetary consciousness to a new level. A huge thing, I know, but rest assured, by you being alive and breathing on this planet right now, helps to heal the terrible tragedies that have, and are, unfolding. However, this does not mean that you have to experience the full force of that pain, and so here are some ways to minimise the effects of being highly sensitive in a violent world.

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    Be gentle with yourself! We have a tendency to be so harsh on ourselves for our feelings and experiences. Stop it! There is enough harshness in the world without you adding to it. I challenge you to show yourself the same level of compassion, acceptance and love that you would to those in trauma across the world.
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    Take the time you need! If you are still feeling a little shaky after the preceding week’s, month’s, year’s events, then that’s ok. Take some internal time to settle and renew your emotional and mental energy. Don’t underestimate how hard it has been on you. Turn off the news. You know what has happened, and what is happening, you don’t need to keep reliving it
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    Get outside! Go and lie on the earth, synchronise your heartbeat with the Earth Mother’s heartbeat. Breath in and out. Fill your senses with the beauty, sounds, smells and feels of the natural world. As an Empath this will be the best way to heal and super-charge yourself.
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    Feel the love! Go and grab a person, animal or for that matter a tree, and squeeze them tight. Feel the love that you have for that being and let that pour out of you to them, and to the world around you. Be the love, feel the love, and grow the love. You have to let go of hate you simply have to. You aren’t built to dwell there you are built to love

You don’t need any ‘woo-woo’ type of protection to help you as an Empath, so you stop feeling pain, you simply need to recognise that you are made different to most, and that you process information differently. As such, you have to be more self-aware and self-compassionate. What I mean is that you continue to grow your relationship with yourself, journal, meditate, talk to other HSP about your feelings and experiences and then just let them go. Move on and don’t dwell. It’s not your job to understand why people do the things they do. It is your job to stand in the face of that and still find the capacity to love.