Health Issues For Highly Sensitive People

Health Issues for Highly Sensitive People

Living In A Fast Paced World

            In the fast paced world in which we live, even the sturdiest people can face health issues. It stands to reason then, that people who classify themselves as highly sensitive, or identify as Empaths, can struggle even more. It is now widely recognised by scientists, doctors, psychologists, and other healthcare practitioners that stress and toxicity in the body, can lead to a whole host of health challenges, potentially leading to disease. For the average person living life in a highly populated city, it can be a challenge to stay on top of financial responsibilities, family duties, stressful working environments, and the myriad day-to-day commitments that we seem to pile on top of ourselves. We are told that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat (unless it's organic) all contain toxic chemicals that our bodies are trying to manage, and eliminate on a daily basis. Add to this, the emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual toxicity that people also have to deal with, and you start to get the picture of why so many sensitive people struggle with their health, as we Empaths feel these toxic inputs, but at a much increased level.

Why Are Empaths More Vulnerable?

            As an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), the natural tendency, and in fact the way we are made, is to absorb the toxic waste in our environment. This can have profoundly negative effects, interrupting sleep, digestion, the body's natural cleansing processes, the connection to our higher mind and higher self, and also causing strong emotional reactions, and mood swings. We are processing everybody else’s waste products, all of the time, not to mention our own. And this often happens before we even get a chance to recognise what belongs to us, and what belongs to someone, or something else. This can manifest as a physical issue, with weight gain and disordered eating, and can include long-term difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight and body image. It can also manifest as a mental or emotional health disorder, like depression or anxiety.

Why Does This Happen?

            An Empath’s body constantly perceives a potential threat from the external environment and therefore, literally pads itself to minimise the impact of these threats, or creates a mental or emotional reaction. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn't actually work, and as a result many sensitive people mentally beat themselves up, feel helpless, feel hopeless, whilst struggling to have mastery over their physical health and well-being. It is also common that Empaths become chronically depressed, and as a result remove themselves from others, hiding away from the world. Empaths can then struggle to physically move, because they feel so emotionally and mentally depleted, which actually makes the toxicity worse! They also tend to crave sugary, high fat foods, and alcohol because this gives them a temporary ‘feel good sugar high’.

What Can You Do AS A HSP To Increase Your Health?

            Here are some strategies to support you as an Empath:

  • Strengthen your boundaries, learning not to take on, or try to fix, everyone elses problems all the time.
  • Eat high nutrition content foods at every meal, high quality organic fruit and vegetables, and super foods.
  • Drink plenty of pure spring water!
  • Consider doing a cleanse day once or twice a month, incorporating both a physical and emotional aspect.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Spend time outside everyday.
  • Incorporate an act of self-love, minimum three times a week. This could include reading a book, sitting in the sun, walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or whatever else you love to do.
  • Learn to say no, without shaming, or guilting yourself.
  • Move your body, including walking, yoga, dancing, swimming, or anything else that gets your heart pumping and your energy flowing.
  • Last but not least, and perhaps the most important, be gentle with yourself.

Do You Know How Amazing You Are?

            You are a unique and wondrous human being with immense potential to transform yourself, your health, and your life. Doing nothing and continuing to suffer is a choice, so I invite you to make a different choice. Firstly give yourself permission to take a stand for yourself, and take one step at a time, towards a doable and realistic goal that includes the strategies outlined above. I know from first hand experience just how hard it can be, and I also know how painful it is to do nothing to support yourself, and try to be like other non-sensitive people. Show yourself the love you deserve, and say yes to your sensitivity, by saying yes to you! You are so worth it!

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See you in there!

Heidi Jane