Healing Is A Natural Skill, For Each And Every One Of Us

safe Healing Techniques are profoundly effective

There is no limit to the number of people you can Heal at once

There is no limit to the number of people you can clear at once, from anywhere in the world, which allows you to attain abundance, and clear the planet at the same time. We can all agree this is exactly what is needed, right now!

Perhaps you already have healing qualifications, but want to know about the missing pieces.

Unlock Your Natural Healing Skills

Have you always wanted to heal others (and yourself) from your past trauma?


Have you tried many other modalities that didn’t give you long term results?


Are you a business owner/coach/teacher/leader and want to access your higher wisdom, by tapping into your own quantum potential of creation?


Are you disillusioned at becoming dependant on multiple healing or therapy sessions, with little to no results, feeling like you need to keep going back for a top up, just to feel normal?

Within the IIAI Healing and Auric Clearing courses you will find that our main priority is self empowerment and autonomy, not creating dependance on healers or techniques! The healing courses that the IIAI offer are some of the easiest methodologies to learn and implement, whilst promoting safe practices that do not leave you, or the client open to interference, disempowerment, re-traumatisation or negative attachments.

Learn how to communicate directly with your Higher Self To attain Healing

Most healers, and most people for that matter, are locked in poverty consciousness, have compassionate cording to their clients, and are sick and tired of always being so sick and tired, and struggling to make ends meet. We are passionate about assisting you to connect with your own innate healing wisdom, which will give you access to your Quantum Potential, which gives you the power to clear, heal or manifest.

Restore the optimum functioning of your DNA Template, Your true Potential

Obviously this is a great addition to any person alive on this planet right now! If you already work in the healing field, than you may like to use the healing and clearing techniques that we teach at the IIAI, to enhance you current practices. These may include coaching, counselling, healing work, or even seminar leadership, and can be used in a business setting too, or just on their own.

You will learn how to use the techniques of Quantum Mechanics to clear a person’s or animal’s Auric/Bio Field from blocks, limiting identities and attachments, including any inter-dimensional interference, one of the primary causes of dis-ease in the body.

To do this training was one of the most empowering decisions I have made in my life. An amazing opportunity to create a difference not only in my own life but also to give the gift of empowerment to many people to change their lives. Heidi is an amazing teacher"

Mandy Martin, Auric Clearing Certified Master Healer

Deep understanding of relevant clearing terminology, and advanced healing concepts

  • Auric Clearing Master Healers Training - Learn how to restore the optimum functioning of the human body, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Remove all auric attachments created by trauma, and other distortions in the human bio-field. Learn how to direct a download  from the client’s Higher Self, enabling them to embody more of their true potential. All clearing and healing techniques are directed only by the client's Higher Self, not external entities or energies. You will master quantum techniques to clear all unintended limiting attachments, beliefs, and issues.
  • Karmic Self Mastery and Integration- This course and session type is the next step after the Auric Clearing Master Healers Training, and targets the specific or priority issues in the client's life, depending upon what negative effects they are currently experiencing, for example, shame, debt, co-dependency, grief etc. Importantly, healing is achieved only through accessing the client’s own inner knowledge, wisdom and innate ability to self heal, along with permanently clearing out any blocks in their field, no matter where it is, or why it is there. This also includes clearing justified and unjustified karma and resolving unhealthy relationships and associations. You will also learn to clear personas, identities, collective and individual imprints, and is highly effective at clearing addictions, and any other blocks to success, health and abundance.

Make your way to the page for each course to see Heidi introduce the course, download the course outline, and to view a sample lesson!

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