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Solves Over-Sensitivity

If you suffer from over-sensitivity, anxiety and exhaustion, then you can turn this around, and discover how to use it as YOUR sensitive super-power!

We have now created a dedicated membership site, The Empath Alliance where we have dedicated all of our educational content towards people who relate to themselves as Empaths or Highly Sensitive People.

The Empath Alliance offers News, Resources, Courses, Events and Tribe to Empaths and HSP around the world!

Heidi is an Intuitive Empath and creates all the content based on her life experiences and after working with over 10,000 clients, 90% of which would be considered highly sensitive.

You dream of living a life of connection, deep love, freedom, success and peace.

If you suffer from over-sensitivity, anxiety and exhaustion, then you can turn this around, and discover how to use it as YOUR sensitive super-power!

All of the Empath Alliance courses that are dedicated to Empaths and HSP, have simple, effective and easy to use strategies, created by a Sensitive for Sensitives. This means you will be able to be FREE from your symptoms of overwhelm, isolation, confusion and anxiety.

What that means for you, is you can open your heart and sensitivities safely, and be successful, be healthy, find true love, and live a passionate life!

Alleviate sensitive induced anxiety, quickly and easily

This will leave you with more time to focus on what's really important in your life, relationships, adventures, living out your dreams, and creating success in alignment with your purpose.

Don't allow the unmastered symptoms of high sensitivity to stop you from doing what you want, when you want, not a moment longer.

“I started crying, but they were tears of joy at finally knowing who I really am, and being ok with that. I’m 48 years old and always felt something was wrong with me, even though I’ve done lots of soul searching, it didn’t really resonate fully until listening to you explain this course!"

Michelle, Sydney

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    Boot Camp For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People - Finally understand what your sensitive body, mind and emotions are trying to tell you, and take advantage of your sensitivities, so you can always make the right choices!
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    Empaths Self Mastery - You may feel like you are here to do “something big” but are unsure of what that is, let alone how to create an action and strategy plan, to get you what you want. Let us help you!
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    My Body Is Perfect - Explore your beliefs about your body, your beliefs around food, and have practical tools to help transform any negative self talk, and limiting beliefs regarding your body and its innate beauty and power.
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    The Empath Alliance - Connect with fellow sensitives to share your life, challenges, epiphanies, struggles, triumphs, and just day to day life, (who knew it was so hard, even going to the supermarket sometimes!), whilst getting answers to the questions you may not even know you have! When you learn, we all learn! Filled with Resources, Courses, News and Community.

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