​Unlock Your Natural Healing Abilities.

We all have access to healing gifts. Learn to tap into yours.

Heal Yourself, heal the world


Next Intake Starts September 5th, 2018 AEST
Or You Can Learn Via Distance Starting NOW!

Attend Live Training WEBINARS, Access Deep healing states & Review VIDEO LESSONS WITH WORKBOOKS, With STEP BY STEP SESSION GUIDES!

Join A PRIVATE Student COMMUNITY To Gain Ongoing Support And Make Lifelong Friends!

You can choose Option 1: Fully Online Training with Community Inclusion


Option 2: Attend Live training Webinars with heidi, Have access to the on-line training and of course, the community support!

Video Lessons, and 5 LIVE Training Webinars that will will help you develop your healing skills like never before. You will be given step by step instructions and manuals on how to run a session from start to finish.

Learn About Healing

Discover the nature of reality, your place in the world, and how to use this to heal and clear others. 

Understand Trauma

Understand how trauma and pain is formed so you can then clear and heal it.

Heal From Anywhere

Change people's lives by developing yours! You will be supported to work with clients, and build your healing business.

Energetic Anatomy

Be taken through the human being's anatomy and consciousness from quantum to creator level.

Here Is A Taste Of The Topics Covered In Auric Clearing Master Healers Training


About Your Teacher

Heidi is the founder of The International Institute of Advanced Intuition,
where she creates and teaches cutting edge, transformational content,
including Intuitive Dynamics® -Diploma of Advanced Human Intuition, The Intuitive Entrepreneur - Diploma Of Conscious Business and Coaching, The Auric Clearing Master Healers Certification and The Empath's Self-Mastery Program.

Heidi is dedicated to 'renovating your reality', encouraging you to shift your limitations, locked in belief systems and disruptive mind chatter, to unlock deep personal and professional transformation.

“Let's do this together! I am here to support you to discover, and fulfil your life's work! I am passionate about your transformation and success!”

Three Main Ways You Will Be Supported To Succeed In Auric Clearing - Master Healers Certification Training

Dozens of video lessons, workbooks, quizzes, practical exercises, and life and business strategy sessions, delivered on-line, accessed anywhere in the world!

Be taught directly by Heidi, in your online webinar classroom, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive support, and personalised guidance!

Join a private community, where you can interact with your fellow students, discussing your journey, sharing your breakthroughs, and networking-from all over the world!


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Take advantage of the free discovery session With heidi, where she will answer any questions you may have About Auric Clearing, and If It's the right fit for you!

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